Virtual Friends Through Art

Running an online gallery has a lot in common with the brick and mortar kind. It needs to look good, sleek, and beautiful. It needs to have dedicated professional artists who can see the same vision for the gallery. It needs art lover patrons who want to see and buy great art. Lastly, it needs the artists and art lover patrons come to the gallery events, whether it is a sale or a party or whatever the muse throws out. The best galleries have art makers and art patrons who believe in the life of the art space.

Part of the plan for 2018 (video link) is to have art parties for everyone involved. Being online can have limitations, but if there is one thing we have learned since the dot com boom it’s that we can enjoy each other’s friendships through the web in ways we never thought possible until it actually happened. So I am inviting you now to watch for the sales, events, and parties as the year rolls out. It’s never too late to wish you a successful, joyous year and thank you for being here with us as we grow Zippity Art.

Let's talk art!

- Susan Kraft, Artist