Art Is Funny Thing

Art is funny thing in that it means something different to each individual. I know there is an absolute definition. You can look it up on Wikipedia for Heaven’s sake or even take an art appreciation class. But when it comes down to it, everyone knows what they like and knows the art they want and keep in their mind’s eye for life. For instance, I visit certain paintings I visit at each museum every time I go. It doesn’t even matter if I am there for a particular event, or if I am with other people, I look for an excuse to detour to my favorites. Am I different from other art lovers? Maybe you’ll tell me.

I know art is subjective and not one artist is universally loved, except maybe da Vinci. But would daVinci make headlines today? That’s not a fair question because he defined so much for us, and that is one reason he lives on through history. If he had been born hundreds of years later, the art world would possibly be different. I started Zippity Art to give artists, me included, a beautifully constructed place to sell art and give art lovers a place to come and have fun looking at all the possibilities. Last year, the goal was to find the right platform and build a team to enable the big picture. This year we put together a plan to expand off the basics we set up in 2017. We are committed to giving you a bigger and better place to visit, with more choices to view. Maybe you’re like me and will go back to your original favorites?

Wikipedia art sample 

- Susan Kraft, Artist